• Dust Control technology video
    Earth Alive releases a new corporate video of its Dust Control technology. Breakthrough microbial technology for mining and heavy industries. More
  • Acquisition of LFP Solutions
    Earth Alive Clean Technologies announce the acquisition of LFP Solutions Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of organic agriculture fertilizers and inputs. More
  • The Earth Alive Story
    Earth Alive didn't start out making safer products and suddenly discover the environment. We went about it the other way around. More
  • What makes a green product?
    What is Cradle-to-Grave? There are different ways to assess a product's “greenness.” More
  • It's All About the Trees
    The vital force of trees is one of the secret behind some of Earth Alive’s patented technologies. But we don’t cut a single tree. More
  • Proud to be recognized
    Earth Alive holds a number of certifications in various industries. More
About Us
Earth Alive Clean Technologies develops and manufactures a variety of state-of-the-art microbial technology-based products. We use the latest generation of microbial spores which, once blended with a host of other proprietary ingredients, allows us to formulate and patent innovative products that can tackle the most difficult challenges, once only reserved to environmentally harmful chemicals and additives. Above all else, Earth Alive products are some of the most environmentally respectful products produced today. Most importantly, our products pass the test of the most stringent environmental standards. Microbial technology offers as many solutions as there are commercial and Learn more >>
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